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I am a 30-ish years old woman with loads of stories to tell; interesting or not, I believe that's yours to judge. Previously this blog was only about my journey to motherhood, but after I gave birth to my little one, I believe there are so many other things to share. There are several sections to enjoy in the blog. 

Sharing my life experience before baby's arrival as a token of my gratitude and to help other women who are still fighting to become a mother. TTC time may be the hardest, but it is all worth it in the end. Care to share your TTC experience or just need a support? I'm only an e-mail away. 

Being pregnant is a celebration to me, but being a mother is such an amazing gift. I can say that it's a really rocky road, but by becoming a parent I finally understand why there is a love song with the title of I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You. As cheap as it sounds, but it's remarkably true.


Relationships, social issues, or any throbbing thoughts that come across my head. Be prepared, sometimes it's only a drizzle, but sometimes it's pouring rain.

I used to work in beauty companies, and that has made me a legitimate skin care and makeup junkie. Not only sharing reviews. I'll be sharing some this and that knowledge I came to understand by working in the industry.

In short, I don't take good pictures and I don't look good in pictures. That's why I write.

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