Thursday, March 9, 2017

Dear Husband, Now That You're A Father

Dear Husband,

Now that you are a father and I am a mother of our beautiful child, I would like to let you know that I am so thankful to have you both in my life.

I understand that our lives have changed, if not so drastically, since the day she was born. For the better? Or for the worse?

Do you remember that we used to fight on weekends, about which places to go, which restaurant to dine, which house appliances to buy, which brand of soap we want to try. All those trifling things.
Oh, we used to fight on weekdays, too - when you and I got home, both tired after a long daaaaay of work, and I still had to cook for at least 30 minutes (and washed the dishes after) while you only needed 5 minutes to finish the whole plate.
Remember that we also lived in a small cube on the 25th floor back then? We could not avoid each other when we fought, because we would ALWAYS bump at each other in that 31 sqm space. Tricky.

Yes, we used to fight. But we immediately made up and things got better before bed - where we enjoyed the spacious bed, just the two of us.

Do you remember that I always kept my hair nice-smelling and you liked to sniff it?

During our TTC journey, you were the one who kept me going. You gave me the courage to undergo any medical procedure needed so that we could have a child. You held my hand after we did the IUI, you wiped my tears when we failed the IUI. You, yourself, had also beaten your fear and dealt with those uncomfortable feelings during medical exams.

Oh, I also did not forget to cut your toenails once every 2 week!

We used to say "I Love You" before we went to bed.

We watched movies religiously.

We were so close.

Now that she's here, I have to admit that we are growing apart...

Literally, we don't sleep next to each other now that the baby sleeps between us. We hardly kiss each other goodnight because I am often too tired and doze off completely as soon as the baby sleeps, and you can not be bothered, busy playing that Clash Royale of yours.

My hair does not always smell like a fresh flower bouquet because I rarely have time to dry it all up in the morning - you know, I have to prepare myself to go to the office, feed our baby, prepare her milk, pack my bags (now that I am a mother and I need to carry at least 2 humongous bags to work).
Is that the reason why you no longer kiss me on the forehead before you go to work? Maybe not. Maybe you enjoy smooching our little baby better, honestly speaking, she DOES smell better. And as she gets bigger, maybe she gets to hold your hands far more often than I do.

And when was the last time we went to catch a new movie? Star Wars, was it? We missed Rogue One, and now The Last Jedi is already approaching. Couldn't care less, could we?

I am sorry now I don't have much time for you, now that I am a mother. I have forgotten about keeping your toenails short, just like I have forgotten many things. I am too forgetful nowadays. Between work and household chores, between monthly reports and dirty diapers. It's getting so hard to focus and remember things when you can only worry about one small baby (but a super cute one).

Dear Husband, I just want you to know that I have never been happier now and you are part of that happiness of mine. I am a mother, my priority in life has completely changed - family is number one on my list, and you are also a part of it. I am now a parent, we are now parents, let's be a good one. We are responsible for the life of this tiny human, an amanah from God. Let's work together to raise her to be a wonderful human being. Please help me when I am in need (I mean, when I'm so beat after a series of begadang night), and I promise you have my total support, too.

Dear Husband, now that you are a father. Continue to be an amazing one. Love her, teach her, protect her. Make sure that one day she will run to you, hug you and say that she is proud of you.

I love you, I love her, and I love us. I've said this before, and I'm saying it again, and maybe I will keep on saying this until we're gone (even that is not possible).

"Thank you for being here and now,
and the forever ever after in the making."

I don't believe in forever, though. But both of you certainly make me think that forever (being with you both) is a pleasant idea.

Okay, maybe the quote sounds exaggerating. Please just hold my hand (and hers) and never let go.
That's good enough for now.

Oh, and please continue to tell me that I am not THAT fat, you know THAT is key in every relationship.
Love you!

From There, To Here
(She doesn't seem interested to take a good family wefie, no?)

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