Wednesday, July 20, 2016

She's Here!

The wait is finally over!

She's here, I can hold her in my arms now. I can kiss her, touch her, feel her every breath.
She arrived two weeks ahead of the 40-weeks schedule, but she is such a perfection. She weighed at 2,9 kg and 47 cm in height at birth, she looked petite but she was easily my grand-est achievement.

Hello, World!

Giving birth to her was an amazing experience. Time went by so slowly since the minute I was admitted to the hospital at 9 PM. At midnight, the come-and-go pain in my stomach was indescribable, but the thought of seeing my daughter's face kept me going. But at 1 AM, I felt like giving up because I thought I would not make it to see the light of day. Everything suddenly turned into a rush when the clock hit the 2 AM mark. Then at 3.10 AM, I could hear her crying then she landed on my chest. She was warm, she seemed so small and fragile, but most of all, she is mine to hold.

Last but not least, I want to thank my Mother. Thank you for doing exactly the same thing, thank you for delivering me safely into the world. Thank you for watching over me, thank you for the time and the patience, the energy and the tears you spent on me. I owe you everything I am today and I may never be able to repay you, but I want you to know that there is nothing in the world that I won't do for you. I love you, Mom.

For Baby, welcome home.
Let's grow together.

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