Friday, May 6, 2016

#FlashbackFriday: Childhood Memories

Hello, Baby.

I miss writing to you! It's just that your mother hasn't been feeling too well lately - I think I must get a little exhausted now that you're getting bigger and my body needs a bit of adjustment to keep up with your development. But no worry, I've been eating lots nowadays to ensure you're packing more pounds and getting the nutrition you need. Not to forget my daily dose of milk (and ice cream, you know, this is strictly for calcium intake).

Today I want to share you stories about childhood. It is definitely one of the happiest time of one's life, filled with playfulness, enjoyment, and loving memories. Your father and I were once small and very cute, too. Of course, each of us have our own personal memories to treasure but those memories all come down to one thing; we were happy and loved.

We Were Once Babies, Too

Your father was born in early October, he is the eldest of three children. Just take a look at his chubby cheeks, he gave your grandmother quite a hard time during labor due to his weight. One of his most cherished childhood memories is, well, spending time studying. His parents put a high importance on education and took on this matter seriously. Once they took a family road trip to Semarang and his father would stop along the way whenever he saw a chance for his children to learn something. He took them to see rice fields and observe the working farmers, or dropped by a pottery-making house. His parents' efforts were totally worth it; he was always on top of the class and successfully got into one of the nation's finest university. Since he was a boy, he grew fond of cars and football and video games. He once had an emergency visit to the doctor because he got so stiff, had trouble moving as he spent hours and hours sitting in front of the computer, playing games. I won't let this happen to you, promise.

Four months after your father was born, I came into the world. My parents named me after the word 'lucky' because I was considered as an unexpected blessing. My sister and brother were already in elementary school when I suddenly popped up among them. Lucky, I easily became the apple in the eye in my family. My childhood was superb! I wouldn't say that I was spoiled, but my mom and dad really knew how to make me have a good time. I enjoyed riding bikes (you can tell from the numerous scar marks on my legs), climbing on trees (until one day the tree fell, I landed on a dirty gutter and received stitches on my behind), playing with animals (I had dozen of cats, two bunnies, and 17 hamsters, I loved them all). My mom and dad loved to treat their children with books - my mom used to read me to sleep and my dad bought me new books whenever I got good grades. Despite being occupied with work, my dad always made time to take us for a short holiday. My mom was obsessed on dressing me up; she even made me clothes identical to my Barbie doll (you will inherit a closet full of Barbies, guaranteed).

Our Loving Parents
So, later you will meet our parents - your grandparents. They are the ones responsible for creating those exciting memories and experience that molded us, their immense love enabled us to become the persons we are today. They have raised us to be humble, to be kind, to put family as top priority. I believe they will love you as much as we do, ready to give their all for you to be happy and loved, exactly like what they have been doing for us all these years. Respect them, love them.

I must say that childhood plays a very important role in a person's future life. I wish it will be the happiest for you, for every child, because you deserve it. I want you to grow up and carry around the loving memories of the people who love you. May our abundant love inspire you to be the best version of yourself and able to do good for others.

Your mother.

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