Sunday, May 1, 2016

What A Big Nose You Have

Hello, Baby.

We just had our 4D screening last Thursday. Your father and I were so excited!
We met with dr. A. Budi Marjono in RSPI Puri Indah. He was very nice and took his time to talk us through the screening process. He was also quite detailed and made sure to complete all steps - he even waited patiently for you to flip around to look at your brain's development. The 4D screening itself is advised to be done during the 26 to 30 weeks of pregnancy. It is not mandatory, but it is more for physiological assessment- to check the baby’s growth, the position of placenta and its appearance, the amount of amniotic fluid, the development of the heart, belly, kidneys and bladder, along with the gender if we wish to know (note to other mommies-to-be: if you want the gender of the baby to be a surprise, do let your doctor know in advance).

We're so glad that we had done the screening. It was so much more than seeing images of your cute face. We got to find out that you're doing all well in the womb; your stubby fingers, your heartbeat, your brain, your lungs, your round tummy. You were kicking, punching, twirling and thumping. You were so lively, the doctor happily told us that. You were also very camera-ready so we got pretty good images of your face. I think you have your father's nose as it looks quite big, mine is quite tiny. Great to know that you're growing healthily - every measurement seemed to be on track with your age.

Working On My Punches Here, Mom!

Now that you're almost hitting the 1 kg mark, I want you to stay happy and healthy there. Hope to meet you in the next 90-ish days!

Your mother.

Update 23/06/2016
Biaya USG 4D di RSPI Puri Indah Rp 1,000,000 belum termasuk biaya konsultasi dokter spesialis sebesar Rp 325,000. Sepertinya biaya ini lumayan standar untuk tindakan USG 4D, dan sayang sekali nggak diganti asuransi kantor Pak Suami.

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